CWO Tage Salzburg - Tagung für Pflegekräfte und MedizinerInnen im Bereich Kontinenz Wund und Stoma Fortbildung CWO Tage Salzburg - Tagung für Pflegekräfte und MedizinerInnen im Bereich Kontinenz Wund und Stoma Fortbildung


By registering to attend the general terms and conditions are deemed to be accepted. Registration needs to be completed within the registration deadlines as set out in the applicable congress programme. After the registration deadline registrations will only be taken at the location of the event. The number of participants is limited, any last minute tickets are available on a case by case basis upon request. Registration obliges the participant to pay the attendance fee. This shall become payable immediately with the registration or upon receipt of the bill. Participation is only guaranteed by I-WB once payment of the attendance fee has been received on I-WB account. Where participants register at the congress location, the attendance fee shall be payable either in cash or by way of credit card (VISA or Mastercard). The participant authorises I-WB to store and process the data provided during registration electronically, and to pass such data on to third parties. The attendance fee includes admittance to the scientific sessions, the industry exhibition, as well as the coffee and lunch breaks.

Attendance fee:

The attendance fee can be found in the applicable congress description.

Cancellation of the congress:

I-WB reserve the right to cancel the congress in the event that the economically necessary minimum number of 300 participants is not reached. Moreover, it shall always be possible to cancel in the event that there are other important reasons for doing so, such as, for example, the economic unfeasibility, cancellation by speakers or force majeure. In the event of the congress being cancelled, participants will be reimbursed with the attendance fee. Where the congress is cancelled as a result of an insufficient number of participants or for reasons which are not the fault of I-WB, only the attendance fee will be refunded; however, this shall not apply to any other expenses exceeding this, (such as, for example, hotel booking, flight and train tickets, etc.).

Cancellation by the participant:
Any cancellations of the attendance at the congress have to be made in writing to I-WB. The applicable cancellation terms as set out in the applicable congress programme shall apply. The attendance fee is payable in full even in circumstances where, for whatever reason, the participant does not actually attend the congress. Registration fees will no be refunded.

Changes to the congress programme:

I-WB reserve the right to make changes to the congress programme. This includes changes to the order of talks, the cancellation of individual events and changing the speakers listed in the congress programme. These events do not lead to a refund or a reduction in price of the attendance fee.

Hotel bookings:

All hotel bookings shall be governed by the general terms and conditions of the hotel in question. Bookings for a particular hotel shall only be binding where the congress participant guarantees the booking by furnishing credit card details and if they are confirmed in writing by I-WB. The written confirmation by I-WB of a booking results in a binding contract coming into effect between the client (the guest, or, as the case may be, the congress participant) and the hotel selected by I-WB. In the event of a booking not being taken up, the hotel shall be entitled to charge the agreed amount to the credit card of the participant. Where the hotel fails to honour the contract to accommodate the guest, the hotel shall be directly liable to the guest/congress participant. Any claims arising from this shall be asserted directly against the hotel by the guest/congress participant. In the event that there are no rooms available in the congress participant's hotel of choice, I-WB shall be entitled to arrange accommodation in another hotel, unless this is specifically declined by the participant. Any questions regarding the booking of hotels, changes to bookings or cancellations should be put in writing to I-WB.


I-WB shall only be liable for the performance of its tasks as set out in the applicable congress programme where the usual standard of care has been breached, but only where this was done intentionally. Austrian law shall be applicable in such cases. Any acknowledgement of liability on the part of I-WB shall only be valid where such an acknowledgment is made in writing. Oral representations shall not form the basis for any liability. The principles set out at this point shall not apply in respect of the services provided by other persons (hotels, airlines, etc.). As far as these are concerned, their own terms and conditions apply.

Place of performance and place of jurisdiction:
The place of performance and the place of jurisdiction for all parties to the contract shall be Salzburg/Austria. The applicable law shall be the law of Austria.



Registration for the utilisation of exhibition spaces within the scope of the possibilities available at the congress location, at congresses organised by I-WB, shall be made in writing. The written registration shall be binding for the exhibitor, but does not in itself give rise to any claims by the exhibitor. Fundamentally the only thing that is hired is purely the space. The hire charges do not include any setting up, connections and/ or equipment unless otherwise stated. Where necessary, this shall be done by the exhibitors themselves.

Confirmation of registration: 

Only a limited number of spaces are available for each exhibition. Depending on availability, the exhibitor will receive confirmation of the allocation of the requested exhibition space as well as an invoice for the hire of this space. Any claim by the exhibitor to any particular exhibition space shall only arise following the confirmation of registration and payment of the full sum charged by I-WB in the invoice for the exhibition space.


By registering in writing for an exhibition space, the exhibiting company acknowledges these terms and conditions and accepts their validity. Moreover, the exhibiting company covenants that they shall comply with all relevant regulations regarding employment or trade law, technical safety regulations and any existing house rules and general terms and conditions at the individual locations. Exhibitors are liable for their employees.

Exhibition spaces: 

The allocation of exhibition spaces is governed by safety considerations as well as by the availability of space. The allocation of these shall be carried out by I-WB. The exhibition spaces are standardised and the dimensions cannot be changed by the exhibitors. Where possible, any requests by exhibitors for a special location will be taken into consideration. However, there is no entitlement to a particular location. I-WB reserve the right to change the location or make other changes at any time, without this leading to any entitlement for the exhibitors to assert any claims against I-WB.

Conditions of payment:

The applicable prices are those set out in the registration forms. These shall in any event be transferred without deductions before the commencement of the congress. We reserve the right to refuse entry to the congress if the fee set out in the registration form has not been paid before the commencement of the congress. In such a case the registered exhibitor firm shall nevertheless still be obligated to pay the fee.

Setting up and disassembling the stand:
The current legal regulations apply to the setting up and disassembling of the stands, as well as to their design; moreover the rules of the congress location need to be complied with. Other than that, the exhibitors are free in their design of the stands. Other exhibitors must not be inured, endangered or otherwise adversely affected by the type and design of the stand. The design of the stand must not contravene public morals.

Times for setting up and disassembling:

The times for setting up and disassembling stands and exhibition items, as well as specific conditions for the exhibition shall be distributed by I-WB in good time before the exhibition begins, and these are to be complied with by the exhibitors. All structural measures and substantial decoration work need to be completed during this time. In the event that the disassembling and removal does not take place within the agreed time, the exhibitor shall pay any remaining costs of disassembling as well as a penalty fee of EURO 1,000 plus statutory VAT per day.

Subletting / Distribution of stands:

The exhibitor is not allowed to pass an exhibition area assigned to him to anyone else. The hired exhibition space may only be used by persons or businesses other than those persons / exhibitors listed in the registration form. If other persons or businesses shall use the hired exhibition space, written permission for this has to be obtained from I-WB.
Removal of rubbish and cleaning of the stands: 
Cleaning the stands and keeping them clean, as well as any measures to avoid rubbish are a matter for and obligation of the exhibitor. When leaving the stand area at the end of the exhibition, all exhibits as well as any erections or fixings are to be removed from the conference location. The removal of any items which are left behind shall attract a fee that is in line with the customary prices of the location.


The stands are not guarded. I-WB does not accept any liability for any of the items exhibited or for any other items taken to the exhibition location by the exhibitor or his employees. At the exhibitor's request and depending on availability, a lockable room can be made available overnight, for the storage of valuable stand materials.

Liability, Accident prevention/ Official regulations / Forfeiture clause:

I-WB does not accept any duty of care of the materials to be exhibited or the furnishings of the stands, and all liability in this respect is excluded. I-WB also excludes any and all liability for the disappearance of any exhibits, equipment, clothes and any other items brought to the event location by the exhibitor or its employees. The exhibitor shall be responsible for affixing any necessary safety devices to any equipment or machines exhibited and used by that exhibitor, such devices must conform to the applicable accident prevention regulations. The exhibitor shall be liable for any damage caused to persons or things, where such damage is caused by the operation of exhibited items or in the course of such items being set up or disassembled. I-WB shall accept no liability in respect of any such damage. Any claims by the company against I-WB shall become void if they are not asserted in writing and by registered mail within 3 months of the due date. In the event that I-WB rejects the claim in writing or does not respond within 2 weeks of the claim being asserted, then the claim shall become invalid unless it is asserted by way of court proceedings within 3 months of such rejection or after the expiry of the 2-week period. These deadlines shall not apply for claims by the company against I-WB in respect of injury to life and limb, health or for claims arising as a result of wilful intent.

Force majeure, Industrial action:

In cases of force majeure, such as fire, industrial action, war, disturbances, other catastrophes and the like, which would prevent the realisation of the congress at the planned point in time, or which would make it significantly more difficult to do so,I-WB shall be entitled to move the date of the congress. In such an event the hire payments already paid for the stands shall be considered remuneration for the postponed congress. Where the event does not take place for the reasons set out above, I-WB shall be entitled to retain 30% of the invoice amount as general expenses. Any further claims by I-WB against the company shall only arise in cases where the company has commissioned particular work, which incurred additional costs. The exhibitor shall have no further claims against I-WB or against the organiser.

Cancellation of the Congress / the Exhibition: 

In the event that the congress / the exhibition is cancelled by the organiser, or, as the case may be, by I-WB all sponsorship monies as well as any payments for any agreed services shall be repaid to the exhibitor within one month, with a deduction 25% of the invoice amount. Any further claims by I-WB against the company shall only arise in cases where the company has commissioned particular work, which incurred additional costs. The exhibitor shall have no further claims against I-WB or against the organiser.

Repudiation of the Contract: 

Any repudiation of the contract will have to be received by I-WB in writing. Following the conclusion of the contract the company shall be able to repudiate the contract upon payment of a cancellation fee in the sum of 25% of the contractually agreed sum, up to three months before the congress or event. In the event that further preparation costs have already been incurred by that time, those will be charged in addition to the above. After this deadline 100% of the contractually agreed sum shall be due. In any event the company shall have to pay a fixed lump sum administration fee in the sum of €uro 150. This provision shall also apply unchanged to any such contracts as are entered into at a point in time which is already inside the cancellation period. In the event that the documentation specific for a congress stipulates different conditions for repudiating a contract, then those specific conditions shall be given precedence.


Columbus Welcome Management reserve the right to change the location of the congress no later than three months prior to the congress if there are important reasons for doing so. In such an event, any registrations received will be applied with the same conditions to the new location. As set out at this point, in such an event it is possible to repudiate the contract.


The parties covenant that they shall maintain strict confidentiality as against third parties in respect of all processes and data that is worthy of protection, both for the entire duration of the cooperation and after the termination of this agreement. Each party shall pass this obligation on to the persons and assistants engaged with the tasks, and they shall be similarly obligated to maintain confidentiality.

Place of performance, place of jurisdiction:

The place of performance and the place of jurisdiction for all parties shall be Salzburg. Austrian law shall apply.


Service Level Agreement:

Special service offers will be offered to sponsors by Columbus Welcome Management. The individual services contained within these offers shall be deemed to have been bindingly agreed (insofar as they have been specifically marked by the sponsor) when the offer signed by the sponsor is received by Columbus Welcome Management. For the rest the general terms and conditions for participants and exhibitors shall apply analogously to sponsors.

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